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Fasteners Inc., located in Denver Colorado is a industrial distributor for the Huck Fastening System, including Magna-Grip, Magna-Bulb, Magna-Lok, C6L, C50L, BOM,Huck Automatic Rivets and Huck Industrial Tooling. Our extensive inventory is available for prompt, accurate delivery or shipment in materials ranging from aluminum to stainless to heat-treated steel

  • Fastening Systems
  • Huck Fastening Systems
  • Drill Bits Taps and Dies
  • Bits Tips and Driver Tools
  • Saw Blades
  • Abrasives
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners Security Fasteners
  • Fastener Solar Racks (NEW)
  • Bolts, Cap Screws, Nuts
  • Metric Fasteners
  • Socket Products
  • Tamper-Proof Fasteners
  • Wedge & Sleeve Anchors
  • Rivets
  • Specials Made to Print
  • Bent and Forged Hardware


Fasteners, Inc.,established in 1965, has an inventory investment of nearly 2 million dollars spread across 30,000 items. We have the experience, breadth of inventory, purchasing power, and a knowledge base unequaled in our marketing area. We are considered experts in our field. When you call, you won’t get an “auto attendant”, voice mail or an order taker. You will be greeted by friendly / knowledgeable people who are ready and able to help.

We feature Gesipa and Olympic Bulb-Tite Rivets as well as a broad assortment of standard and specialized fasteners such as bolts, nuts, washers, screws, rivets, clips, clamps, wiring products, fittings, anchors, pins, rods and retainers.

When we make promises, we keep them. Our goal is to provide the ideal product for your application at a fair price. We aspire to the highest standards of courtesy and ethical business practice and will work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction

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Solar panels are here to stay

In the past few years, you may have noticed solar panels popping up everywhere from residential roofs to large scale solar farms. It’s no surprise. Setting up a solar panel system has many benefits, including saving on energy costs, getting tax breaks, and lessening dependence on fossil fuels. If you’re considering a solar panel project,…
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Are you a serious DIY enthusiast?

Many people love to tackle projects that others would leave to the professionals. If that’s you, it’s time to check out the services provided by Fasteners Inc. We supply commercial and industrial clients as well as DIY enthusiasts that are serious about home improvement. We provide the fasteners you need for those intense projects. If…
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Solid Rivets Get The Job Done

World class manufacturing group, GESIPA have proved the effectiveness of solid rivets as fasteners across a broad range of industries. The group developed solid riveting into modified solid riveting applications for the commercial automotive, vehicle and general industry. Solid rivets were proved to be suitable for high-load constructions as they have load-bearing components. The solid…
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