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Building a deck with the right fasteners

Deciding on the right fastener to use for your deck can be stressful. The following points will be helpful. Material choice: Nails and screws Nails and screws come in different sizes, styles, and lengths. Your choice of material will be dependent on the size of the deck that you want to build. To help, we…
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Commercial fastening systems in Denver

We can find that fastener system

Fastener’s Inc.  has been an industry leader for hard to find fasteners in Denver and we are the industrial leader for Huck Fastening System.  We have the experience, vast inventory, purchasing power, and a knowledge base unequaled in our industry. The best products are only as good as the people behind them. Our experienced staff sets us apart from the competition.…
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what is a nut sleeve

Fasteners in Denver

Fasteners, Inc. is the fastener supply store that will make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for in Denver. We specialize in all things related to fasteners supply and it is always done with great customer service. In fact, that is one of the things that makes our business special in Denver, our commitment to…
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Furniture cam lock

Don’t over tighten your fasteners

Overdriving fasteners can affect their overall capacity. There are a few ways that you can avoid fastener overdriving from happening. Drill plot holes Plot holes are holes for driving fasteners. They are small in diameter and keep the fasteners from overdriving. Determine the slip clutch setting If the slip clutch setting matches the amount of…
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Construction fasteners systems

The right fastener for your home project

Home renovation projects are vital as they increase your home’s energy efficiency and its property value. However, failure to use the right fasteners can impact the structural integrity of your home. For instance, using the wrong bolts to join parts can cause them to fail in the future, putting you and your loved ones at…
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rusty bolt and fasteners

The lonely washer

Washers are often overlooked, yet equally important, companions to any type of fastening system. They’re like the bass player in a rock band – seldom noticed, but their presence holds the group together. Made from either plastic or steel, these disks have a hole in the middle that allows the insertion of screws or bolts.…
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Best Commercial fasteners

Nylon makes great fasteners

Nylon is a sturdy plastic used by several manufacturing companies to construct a variety of materials. It has numerous uses due to its superior physical properties. Here are some reasons why nylon is excellent for making fasteners. It is well-suited to making fire-resistant materials since it doesn’t burn; instead, it melts. Nylon can also be…
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HuckLok commercial fastener systems

What’s a Huck bolt?

Are you in need of permanent fasteners? The Huck fastening system is a simple-to-install system that is permanent and better suited to your needs compared to welding. Huck bolts come in many sizes to give you a choice for your individual fastening needs. Here are 4 things you need to know about Huck bolts. Huck…
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Commercial fastening systems Denver

Fastener materials

Fasteners are made from a variety of materials, but it’s essential to choose a material type that best suits your project. Here are some of the most commonly used fastener materials. Steel fasteners They exist in four different types which include low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, alloy, and stainless steel. Titanium fasteners Titanium is…
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high grade bolts

Why do I need construction fasteners?

Many accidents occur each year on construction sites due to negligence in following the safety guidelines. One of the safety guidelines involves the use of construction fasteners. Construction fasteners are hardware devices, like bolts and nuts, that are used to adjoin two objects. There are permanent and mobile fasteners. These fasteners provide efficiency, durability and…
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what kind of fastener do I need

Fastener mistakes

Whether you’re on a construction site or at home, making mistakes with your fasteners can come with serious problems. Learn about the most common fastener mistakes and avoid jeopardizing your project. Using the wrong tool to fasten it When you choose a fastener, consider the type of tool you need to fasten it with. For…
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Construction fasteners systems

When should you use a ring shank nail?

In terms of construction fasteners, ring shank nails are one of the toughest fasteners you can use when building a structure. However, you don’t want to use a ring shank nail on anything that you’ll ever need to disassemble, as they can’t be removed without basically destroying the wood that they’re holding together. When it…
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