where can I buy commercial fasteners

The beauty of miniature screws

Screws are one of the most vital tools and fastening systems ever created. They are used in so many useful items around the world. Screws hold homes together, they keep appliances in place, they keep cars safe, and they are likely used in nearly every technological item in your home. Delicate and precise electronic devices…
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commercial fastening systems

How to find the right replacement fastener

Sometimes finding the right replacement fastener for a home or business maintenance, remodel, or new construction project can prove difficult. Many homeowners lack knowledge and experience because they rarely perform do it yourself tasks. Some professionals scratch their heads because a fastener might have an odd shape or usage. Corrosion might have destroyed a specific…
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Commercial fastening systems Denver

Simple ways to prevent the slackening of fasteners

Slackening is one of the top reasons why fasteners become loose. It is commonly caused by relaxation, especially when composites or polymers become more compact; creep or the tendency of materials to deform or move under stress or changes in temperature; and the settlement of irregular surfaces. Irrespective of the cause, here are 4 quick…
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3 factors to consider when choosing fasteners for your construction project

A successful construction project requires a well thought out plan to be successful. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of fasteners when planning their construction projects. Without the right fasteners, your building is more prone to performance issues and malfunctions. Here are three factors you need to consider when choosing fasteners for your construction project.…
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table saw

Safety precautions when using cutting tools

Cutting tools such as hole saws, carbide burs, and jobber bits are a great addition to your home equipment for DIY projects. However, these cutting tools can be hazardous when used improperly. Here are some safety precautions to adhere to when using cutting tools at home. Wear personal protective equipment when using cutting tools, e.g.…
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what kind of fastener do I need

How to match your nuts, bolts, and washers

Home DIY improvement projects can be challenging, especially if you’re new to construction. However, with the right knowledge, techniques, and fasteners, you can complete your project successfully. When selecting fasteners, it’s vital to consider their strength compatibility. For instance, when using a metric class 10.9 bolt, you should use a corresponding class 10 nut since…
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what kind of wall anchor do I need

Types of wall anchors

Using the right wall anchor holds structures safely together. The type of wall anchor you choose depends on load capabilities, base material, and environmental conditions. However, understanding the different types of wall anchors can help you find the right fasteners for your project. Some commonly used anchors include: Wedge anchors – they fasten fixtures to…
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Best Commercial fasteners

How to prevent rusty tools

Many homeowners own several tools and fasteners at home for DIY home improvement projects. But, since you have to store them in your garage or shed, heat and humidity can take their toll, causing rust. Here are some ways you can prevent rusty tools and ensure their longevity. Apply a protective coating such as wax…
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what kind of wall anchor do I need

Wall anchors – Make the right choice

Many of us aren’t sure how best to hang a heavy piece of art, a shelf, or a wall cabinet in our home or office. The thought of drilling holes in our walls and wondering what fastener system will support the weight can be concerning. Here’s what you need to know: An expansion anchor in…
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Commercial nuts and bolts

How to store your fasteners at home

Home improvement projects are a fun way to renovate your home and increase its value. However, putting away small items such as bolts, screws, and nuts can be challenging. Additionally, it’s easy for your fasteners to get mixed up, causing a disorganized mess. Here is how you can store your fasteners properly. Use old prescription…
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Construction fasteners systems

Common fastener problems to avoid

Many DIY home improvement projects require the use of fasteners and fastening systems. However, making a mistake with your fasteners can cause damage to your house, void your warranties, and cause product failures. Therefore, it’s vital to know the common fastener problems and how to avoid them for a smooth DIY project. They include: Wrong…
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Furniture cam lock

The benefits of using furniture cam lock systems

In wood joinery, cam lock nuts and special lock screws and connecting bolts are alternatives to traditional wood and adhesive joints. They’re often used with prefabricated fiberboard and wood furniture pieces, which are commonly known as “ready-to-assemble,” “knock-down” and “flat-pack” kits. You don’t need special tools for assembly. You only need a soft-head mallet and…
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