Washers for fastening

Why should you invest in washers?

Washers are often overlooked, yet equally important, companions to any type of fastening system. They’re like the bass player in a rock band – seldom noticed, but their presence holds the group together. Made from either plastic or steel, these disks have a hole in the middle that allows the insertion of screws or bolts.…
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what kind of fastener do I need

Using the right fasteners

Choosing the correct fastener can make or break your next DIY project. Depending on what material you are using, you will want to choose the right fastener for the job. The right fastener selection will allow you to complete your project quicker and prevent any mishaps down the road. Nails Nails are small, yet durable.…
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rusty bolt and fasteners

Types of fastener corrosion

We all want to minimize fastener corrosion, right? Insulation, proper coatings, and paint can help seal fasteners to prevent rust and other corrosion. It’s important to choose the right materials and make sure the pressure and applications are correct. Here are some types of fastener corrosion that commonly occur: Crevice: Seen in narrow gaps and…
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what kind of fastener do I need

Types of fastners

There are seven types of fasteners, each with their own unique use. A carriage bolt is also called a coach. The head of this fastener is countersunk, domed. It’s used to keep the bolt still while tightening a nut. A Hex head bolt is named for its hexagonal head. A machine screw’s point is flat…
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Commercial fastening systems Denver

What are the most common fastener coatings?

When selecting ideal fasteners for your project, it is always good to evaluate their characters. This ensures you have the right fastener that suits your intended purpose. Also, you need to understand different types of coatings that may be necessary. Coatings help in increasing durability as well as aesthetic outlook. Therefore, the following are some…
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high grade bolts

How to prevent fastener overdriving

Overdriving fasteners can affect their overall capacity. There are a few ways that you can avoid fastener overdriving from happening. Drill plot holes Plot holes are holes for driving fasteners. They are small in diameter and keep the fasteners from overdriving. Determine the slip clutch setting If the slip clutch setting matches the amount of…
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Parts of screws used in woodworking

Screws are used in woodworking to join parts, with the main benefit being that the parts joined using the screws are easy to disassemble. Screws allow room for expansion without interfering with structural integrity. A typical woodworking screw will have the following sections: The shank This is where the threads you see on the screw…
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Commercial rivets

Do you need a mechanical or chemical fastener for your construction project?

No matter what type of construction project you may be working on, it is important you select the right fastener. If chosen carefully, the right fastener should create a strong structure that meets all the demands of the project. For the majority of construction projects, there is a choice of either a mechanical or chemical…
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fastening system

Choosing the right fasteners for your deck project

Deciding on the right fastener to use for your deck can be stressful. The following points will be helpful. Material choice: Nails and screws Nails and screws come in different sizes, styles, and lengths. Your choice of material will be dependent on the size of the deck that you want to build. To help, we…
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types of fasteners

A broad definition of fasteners, including their types and uses

Fasteners have so many uses and purposes that a specific definition is difficult to achieve. But an easily recognizable and understandable definition of fasteners would be “nuts, bolts, screws and washers”. Fasteners are used to hold something in place, be it a water pump on a pickup, the tin on a roof, a dry wall…
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fastener types

What to Know About Construction Fasteners

Fasteners Inc knows all about construction fasteners, as well as how to decide on the correct material to use for the job. Here is some information on types of fasteners and how to choose the right one. When deciding on which fastener to use, the following factors should be considered: – Material weight – Area…
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How to budget for your construction project with affordable fasteners

If you are starting a small construction project or are ready to break ground on an entirely new structure, creating an accurate budget if of the utmost importance. Before you put in the cornerstone, you need to have a definitive statement on the amount of money available to spend for the duration of the project…
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