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Parts of screws used in woodworking

Screws are used in woodworking to join parts, with the main benefit being that the parts joined using the screws are easy to disassemble. Screws allow room for expansion without interfering with structural integrity. A typical woodworking screw will have the following sections: The shank This is where the threads you see on the screw…
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Commercial rivets

Do you need a mechanical or chemical fastener for your construction project?

No matter what type of construction project you may be working on, it is important you select the right fastener. If chosen carefully, the right fastener should create a strong structure that meets all the demands of the project. For the majority of construction projects, there is a choice of either a mechanical or chemical…
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fastening system

Choosing the right fasteners for your deck project

Deciding on the right fastener to use for your deck can be stressful. The following points will be helpful. Material choice: Nails and screws Nails and screws come in different sizes, styles, and lengths. Your choice of material will be dependent on the size of the deck that you want to build. To help, we…
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types of fasteners

A broad definition of fasteners, including their types and uses

Fasteners have so many uses and purposes that a specific definition is difficult to achieve. But an easily recognizable and understandable definition of fasteners would be “nuts, bolts, screws and washers”. Fasteners are used to hold something in place, be it a water pump on a pickup, the tin on a roof, a dry wall…
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fastener types

What to Know About Construction Fasteners

Fasteners Inc knows all about construction fasteners, as well as how to decide on the correct material to use for the job. Here is some information on types of fasteners and how to choose the right one. When deciding on which fastener to use, the following factors should be considered: – Material weight – Area…
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How to budget for your construction project with affordable fasteners

If you are starting a small construction project or are ready to break ground on an entirely new structure, creating an accurate budget if of the utmost importance. Before you put in the cornerstone, you need to have a definitive statement on the amount of money available to spend for the duration of the project…
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The main types of construction fasteners

No matter what type of construction project you undertake, the trickiest part is finding the right fastener for the job. This guide will help you select the right fastening system. Bolts Bolts work great for things you need to disassemble, such as a shelf. However, bolts require a nut to hold them in place. Screws…
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How to Choose the Right Fastener for Your Project

Nails, bolts, screws… there are many types of fasteners that you can choose from when completing a construction project. How do you know which fastener to choose to get the best quality finished product? Let’s get a better understanding of the fasteners and what type of fastener works best with different materials. 1. Nails Nails…
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fasteners systems in Denver

The Evolution of Fasteners, BC to the Present

You can get all the nuts, bolts, and screws you need at Fasteners, Inc. in Denver but do you know the evolution of fasteners? If you think about it, almost everything built requires some type of fastener, like appliances, cars, doors, airplanes, houses, and even computers. So how did we get to this modern world…
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where can I buy commercial fasteners

Fastener Materials, What are Bolts and Screws Made From?

At Fasteners, Inc. in Denver, we know that the world couldn’t exist without fasteners. So, let’s get to know the various fastener materials. It’s really amazing how fasteners can do so many different things depending on what they are made out of and their design. Most people have no idea that fasteners can be made…
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Screws Fasteners Inc., Denver CO

Which Fastening System Should You Use to Build a Large Deck?

If you are building a large deck, the first thing to determine is how you want to secure the material. There are many types of hardware with which to fasten your decking material together, but which one should you choose? Each fastening system has advantages and drawbacks, depending on the location, size, and materials of…
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high grade bolts

Construction Fasteners

At Fasteners, Inc. in Denver, we know that the basics of construction fasteners include figuring out the type of material for the job, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and others. The construction industry uses fasteners to join two or more things together, and that could be just about anything. That’s why we…
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