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How to use fasteners with MDF

Medium-density fiberboard, an engineered material made through binding wood fibers and resin and intense application of heat and pressure, challenges do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professionals alike. MDF’s cost-effectiveness, smooth surface and density make it better than other materials in many ways. Yet, it lacks durability in various scenarios, such as when applying force to it with fasteners. Direct insertion of nails and screws can cause the surface to fracture and fibers to split apart and degrade. How then can you take full advantage of MDF in your project when using fastening systems?

  1. Create pilot holes with a drill before inserting any type of fastener into medium-density fiberboard.
  2. Pick the right fastener for the job: Whenever possible, use wooden dowels, deep-thread screws, and cam lock and nut systems instead of nails and wood screws.
  3. Add an adhesive to the fastener hole before insertion so that loose fiberboard particles from drilling strongly bond together and to the fastener.

At Fasteners Inc, our experts have the knowledge and experience needed to always point our industrial and residential customers to the right fastening systems for their projects. For more information about using fasteners with MDF or any other material, contact us at our Denver or Grand Junction locations.

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