Huck Automatic Rivets Denver

For all jobs big and small, Huck automatic rivets can get it done right. At Fasteners, Inc. in Denver, we supply fastening systems, rivets, bolts, caps, screws, abrasives, drill bits, dies, sockets, anchors, nuts, saw blades, and so much more! Huck Fastening Systems is an exceptional brand offering durability and versatility for all types of applications.
At Fasteners, Inc. we know that we can help you find just what you are looking for and always with exceptional service. Our company was built on giving more to our customers and we have continued to do so for more than 46 years. We share a relationship with our clients and it grows from year to year. Not only are our fastening systems and parts made of fine quality materials, but our method of service is unmatched as well.
Call us with your order for Huck fasteners or any other type you may need today! 
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