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Top reasons you should never rely only on bonding adhesives

Late-night infomercial hosts regale sleepy viewers with stories about bonding adhesives and glues that are supposedly better than nails, screws, and other mechanical fasteners at holding together two or more materials. Although durable, super-strong adhesives exist, you should never use these bonding substances alone when you want materials to stay fastened together for more than one or two years. It’s especially important to not rely upon them for bonding heavy objects that could fall apart and injure anyone nearby if the adhesive fails.

Consider the following:

  • Some adhesives break down faster than even cellulose in wood, especially when they’re exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, certain chemicals, or vibrations. Wooden pegs used in furniture applications have been shown to last years longer than glues used in the same projects.
  • Many adhesives are designed as supportive tools to make it easier for you to use mechanical fasteners. For example, you bond two materials with adhesive so that they’re positioned exactly as you need them and then drill precise screw holes or use other longer-lasting fasteners.

Most experts agree that the best way to guarantee a bond that lasts years is by using a combination of adhesive and mechanical fasteners. You need to also make certain that you use adhesive designed for the specific materials in your project. For more information or help with finding an adhesive or mechanical fastener, speak with a member of our Fasteners Inc. team in Denver or Grand Junction today.

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