Types of Fasteners

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Fasteners, Inc. in Denver has all types of fasteners for every job, from basic fixes around the house to construction jobs and other industrial applications. We have just about everything you need under the sun, including various head styles, bolts, and screws, drive types, washers and nuts. Beyond that, our fasteners come in a variety of styles, for a variety of uses, and to fasten any type of materials.

A fastener is a hardware device used for creating non-permanent joints. They can be used for everything from a large machine to attaching a lid to a container. There are other ways to join materials including, crimping, taping, cementing, welding, soldering, brazing, gluing or the use of other adhesives. Sometimes the use of magnetic force or even frictional force are used to fasten materials together.

If you’re not sure what type of fastener you need, we’ve found a great resource to help you identify the different types of fasteners, including bolt and screw, head styles, drive types, washers, and nuts. Click here to see the types of fasteners charts.

Fasteners, Inc., with locations in Denver, Grand Junction, and Omaha, has extensive inventory available for delivery or shipment. We have what you need for any application and at fair prices. Feel free to contact us today and let us know what type of fastener you’re looking for.

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