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What are the most common fastener coatings?

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When selecting ideal fasteners for your project, it is always good to evaluate their characters. This ensures you have the right fastener that suits your intended purpose. Also, you need to understand different types of coatings that may be necessary. Coatings help in increasing durability as well as aesthetic outlook. Therefore, the following are some of the common coatings you need to know.

  • Clear Zinc

Clear zinc coat is arguably one of the most popular coatings in the market. Due to their ability to withstand oxidative damage, they are usually recommended for humid environments.

  • Yellow Zinc

This type of coating is recommended in conditions where fasteners frequently come into contact with water. Also, they prevent corrosion from affecting fasteners.

  • Gray phosphate

Gray phosphates are coatings designed to improve the durability of fasteners. However, they are not common in areas with high humidity.

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