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Why you should bypass home improvement stores when looking for fasteners

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Although home improvement stores are marketed as one-stop-shops for every construction need of home and business owners, the fact is that these fastener retailers often fall short when it comes to helping their customers. Consider the following:


Many home improvement stores only dedicate approximately one-to-four aisles to fastening systems. They often fill the shelves with only the most commonly used types and styles of fasteners. Because of the small selection, consumers discover more often than not that the hardware they need isn’t available in the quantity they need or at all. If one of the store’s vendors can supply a specific type of fastener via special order, a consumer might wait two weeks or longer for the product to arrive for pickup.


Consumers hear the phrase “I don’t know” a lot in the hardware departments of some home improvement stores. These stores try to hire knowledgeable workers, but they don’t always place someone with certified training and true expertise on the schedule. They also move products around based on corporate planograms, which means that shoppers often lose precious time to workers who don’t have a clear idea of where a specific fastener is located on the shelves.

At our Fasteners’ locations in Denver and Grand Junction, we are dedicated to providing the best fastener-focused services possible. We offer an extensive product selection that includes commercial and specialty fasteners that you wouldn’t normally find in a home improvement center. Our team members are experts who make a point of knowing as much as possible about not only our products, but also fastening systems in general. Additionally, they keep up with on-site product placement and availability. Whether you’re working on a commercial, industrial or residential project, we can help you quickly find the fasteners you need at an affordable cost. Call today.

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